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Week 3 – .UK Rights Registrations

The week commencing 15th September 2014 Nominet started emailing registrants with rights to a .uk domain. The schedule breaks this down into 8 weeks of sending emails (9 weeks in total).

The second weekly group comprises of 3 accounts (1 & 1 Internet, Gandi and eNom) covering 6 tags where registrants are being emailed from the 29th of September 2014. On these 6 tags we’ve discovered 970,331 domains with rights to register the .uk or where .uk has been registered and we believe rights would have been given to the (we’re ignoring any with rights as there are so few).

The charts below show the daily .uk registrations for these domains.

Week 3 - Rights Registrations June

Week 3 - Rights Registrations July

Week 3 - Rights Registrations August

Week 3 - Rights Registrations September

Week 3 - Rights Registrations October

Some increased activity can be seen towards the end of September / start of October but both Gandi and eNom had similar occasional daily registration numbers in the two weeks previous to the Nominet emails going out. October starts with fairly strong registration numbers in comparison to the previous months.

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