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7 days of .uk second level domain registrations

Our report covering 30 Days Of .Uk Second Level Domain Registrations is now available.

.uk release the first week
After the first day of availability registrations dropped quite sharply which fits with the trends for most of the new gTLD and the weekend dip was also expected.

.uk release the first day of registrations per tag
409 TAGs were seen on the first day with 14 of those registering more than 200 domains. The top TAG doesn’t come as much of a surprise but there are a couple of TAGs missing from the top 10 of our Nominet TAG list such as GODADDY (154), UK2NET (90) and TUCOWS-CA (67) and for some reason 1 & 1 Internet AG appear to be registering .uk domains under the TAG 1AND1 rather than their normal SCHLUND TAG.

.uk release the first day of registrations per registrar
Consolidating registrars with over 200 registrations the list drops to 12. Webfusion, Heart Internet and Mesh Digital are shown above as separate registrars as they appear on Nominets list of registrars but since all of these are owned by the same company effectively over 78% of .uk registrations on the first day of availability were made via Webfusion.

.uk release the first week of registrations per tag
After the first week of registrations the list of TAGs with more than 200 domains grows to 21 and the number of distinct TAGs increased to 624. Most of the missing top 10 also return to the list with the exception of TUCOWS-CA with only 160 registrations.

.uk release the first week of registrations per registrar
During the first week the trio of Webfusion companies slipped to 62% of all registrations but most of the big names are back even if they aren’t back in their normal position yet.

From Nominets announcement in the first 24 hours of availability over 50,000 .uk domains had been registered. Through our domain discovery process we have identified 41,554 registrations made on 10th June 2014 and 59,088 in the first 7 days. Since Nominet doesn’t display the hour of registration it isn’t possible to isolate registrations made before 09:00 BST on the 11th June 2014 to align our numbers with their 24 hour stats.

Graphs and counts of domains are based on discovered domains with registration dates up to 16th June 2014 and all domains may not be currently visible on our website.

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