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30 days of .uk second level domain registrations

This report refers back to the 7 Days Of .Uk Second Level Domain Registrations.

30 days of .uk domains
Having discovered 42,485 .uk domain registrations on the first day, registrations look strong but this dropped to around 5,800 on the following two days. The subsequent weekly stats start to show a further decline in registrations (14th June to 20th June 11,265 / 21st June to 27th June 8,821 / 28th June to 4th July 6,567).

30 days of .uk domain registrations per tag
Registrations have been discovered on 852 TAGs and of those only 34 have registered more than 200 domains. As was the case in the first 7 days 123-REG is still the dominant TAG holding with over 41% of all .uk registrations and NAMESCO the closest rival only just managed to exceed 5%.

30 days of .uk domain registrations per registrar
Consolidating TAGs to registrars 807 have registered .uk domains with 32 of those making more than 200 registrations. Webfusion, Heart Internet and Mesh Digital are shown above as separate registrars as they appear on Nominets list of registrars but since all of these are owned by the same company effectively over 49% of .uk registrations in the first 30 days of availability were made via Webfusion.

30 days of .uk domain registrations vs
On the first day of registrations 98% of .uk domain registrations have matching domains this varies between 93-78% over the following 29 days. The weekends are easily identifiable having a noticeably higher percentage (~18%) of .uk only registrations.

The following charts relate to .uk domains where the matching domain exists.

30 days of .uk and domain registration tags
Ignoring the SCHLUND and 1AND1 TAG mismatches (since 1 & 1 Internet seem to be registering .uk domains on 1AND1 and on SCHLUND) the same TAG has been used for 98% of registrations where both .uk and domains exist with a peak of 10% of daily registrations on a different TAG.

30 days of .uk vs domain registration dates
Most .uk domains have been registered where a matching domain already existed (Post) although the trend for this looks to be reducing over the 30 days.The percentage of domains being registered after the .uk peaks at 2%. (Pre)

On 3rd July 2014 Nominet announced that over 100,000 .uk domains had been registered. Through our domain discovery process we have identified 42,485 registrations made on 10th July 2014, 82,001 registered before 3rd of July and 87,141 in the first 30 days.

Graphs and counts of domains are based on discovered domains with registration dates up to 10th July 2014 and all domains may not be currently visible on our website.

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