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Domain Name System (DNS) Historical Record Archive.

With our new look website you can now find other domains hosted on the same IP address, your website neighbours and more even quicker than before.

Please be patient as the site returns from a long absence. If you have any problems please head over to our discord and let us know.

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DNS History FAQ


Q1: Why do I see gaps in the dates for the same record?
Q2: A host name is missing from dnshistory?
Q3: Why do I only see records listed once when they are listed multiple times in the zone file?
Q4: What is dnshistory-org-wildcard-test?
Q5: How often do you check my domains DNS records?
Q6: What is dnshistory-org-wildcard-test?
Q7: What is PageRank?
Q8: I'm using DDoS protection, how can I hide historical records?


A1: These could be due to network problems between our server and the domains DNS server, or a problem with the DNS server itself.
A2: We only list host names with characters a-z, 0-9 and -. If you still feel we are missing a host name please add it on the index page.
A3: We only list unique records, i.e. if the response for "A" records includes ",," we will only list "," and not the repeated "" entry.
A4: This is a test hostname we use to help determine if you are using a wildcard (*) in your dns.
A5: We aim to check every domain at least once per month and the minimum interval between checks is 24 hours. We also check the serial provided in the SOA to determine if we need to re-check the other records which really cuts down the number of requests for domains that do not change.
A6: This is a test hostname we use to help determine if you are using a wildcard (*) in your dns.
A7: The PageRank when shown are obtained via PrAPI.
A8: Protection is now available using our DNSHistory-Protect service

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