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Domain Name System (DNS) Historical Record Archive.

DNS History has now shutdown, any updates are for my personal requirements only - the site may go up/down as I need the resources it uses. The number of servers dedicated to the DNS History project is now ZERO. Due to the ArchiveTeams self-righteous attitude CloudFlares DDoS protection has been enabled. They are quite open about their attitude of ignoring robots.txt files and work around blocks on their user agent - this as abuse.

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DNS Records

Record: mx

2013-10-17 -> 2016-05-01 2 ->
2011-02-08 -> 2016-05-01 1 ->
2016-05-18 -> 2016-06-23 1 ->
2017-05-10 -> 2017-05-10 ->


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DB server will be offline from 17/02/2017 to 20/02/2017